Part of INDIGO’s mission is to contribute to the extension and improvement of education and training of government information librarians. Below are archived webinars sponsored by INDIGO and presented by organization members.

Energy Information Administration Information Resources

  • The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is the U.S. Department of Energy’s statistical branch. It produces information on historic, current, and emerging energy policy trends and developments in areas such as coal, electricity, natural gas petroleum, and renewable energy, documents state energy resources, and documents foreign government energy trends and developments which can affect U.S. energy policy and international security. This presentation will increase user’s knowledge of this agency’s valuable information resources at a time when energy prices and supplies are playing an important role in public debate on energy policy matters.
    Presenter: Bert Chapman, Purdue University. Recorded 1/26/2023.

Researching with State and Federal Government Resources  

  • Learn the ins and outs of searching for government information in the Indiana State Library’s collections and on government websites. This webinar is designed to provide an introductory overview for locating current or historical government information. Presenters: Brent Abercrombie and Andrea Glenn, Indiana State Library. Format: Archived YouTube Video.

Government Websites for Kids  

  • This webinar covers some well-known and possibly not so well-known government websites for kids and young adults. Media specialists, children’s librarians, and parents will be able to use this information to share with patrons, kids, and young adults to help them navigate safe websites with useful information, resources, and games. This session introduces federal government Internet sources and how they can be applied to every area of life from consumer safety, education, money management, and more. Date recorded: 12/4/2015. Presenter: Kimberly Brown-Harden, Indiana State Library.

Government Information Research Basics 

  • This webinar is designed to provide an introductory overview on the scope of Government information, locating Government information, and identify resources for understanding Government information. Date recorded: 7/18/2017. Presenter: Brent Abercrombie, Indiana State Library.

The Indiana Light Archives for Federal Documents: What, Why, How  

  • This session gives attendees an opportunity to learn about the Indiana Light Archives and how they are used to ensure that Indiana’s Federal documents will be accessible for generations to come. Learn how four depository libraries worked together to accomplish this goal and extend the reach of their Federal documents collections. Date recorded: 8/5/2015. Presenters: Laura Bayard – Outreach Services Librarian, University of Notre Dame, Kimberly Brown-Harden – Northwest Regional Coordinator, Indiana State Library/Professional Development Office, and Bert Chapman – Government Information, Political Science, & Economics Librarian, Purdue University.


  • This webinar will show participants how to use the freely available information on the Indiana General Assembly’s website. Topics covered will include bill tracking and finding Indiana statutes and regulations. Date Recorded: 9/20/18. Presenter: Kim Mattioli, Student Services Librarian, Jerome Hall Law Library, Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Researching the Law: Finding Cases and Judicial Documents – Pt. 1: An Introduction to Court Structure and Finding Case Law

  • Part 1 of this webinar will introduce participants to the structure of the American legal system, the federal court structure, and the concepts of stare decisis and judicial precedence. Participants will learn how different states structure their court systems, with a focus on Indiana. We will explore different free sources for researching case law, including state judiciary websites and Google Scholar. Finally, we will discuss NexisUni, a commercial legal database, commonly available at academic libraries. Date Recorded: 2/6/20. Presenter: Kimberly Mattioli, Jerome Hall Library, Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Researching the Law: Finding Cases and Judicial Documents – Part 2 – An Introduction to Judicial Dockets, Oral Arguments and Court Records and Briefs

  • Part 2 of this webinar will introduce participants to federal and state judicial dockets. Participants will learn what a docket is and about the different types of documents that are generated throughout the life of a court case. We will also discuss how to find court briefs and oral arguments using both commercial and free resources. Date recorded: 02/13/20. Presenter: Jennifer Morgan, Jerome Hall Law Library, Indiana University Maurer School of Law.